Foreign Nationals hoping to transition their E2 VISA To green card status should consider the EB-3 Unskilled program

With so many viable US visa routes available, you need to have a strong understanding of each. This will put you in the best position to make the right decision for yourself and your family. Let’s focus on two popular options, the E2 investor visa, and the EB3 Visa, specifically the EB3 Unskilled Visa. Both are very different opportunities, and although the E2 Investor visa does not offer permanent residency, we will show you how you can transition from the E2 Visa to Green Card with the help of the EB3 Unskilled Visa.

The Differences between the EB3 Unskilled Visa and E2 Investor Visa

E2 investor visaEB-3 Unskilled Visa
-Requires a significant investment that is upwards of $100,000USD into a viable US business

-When issued an E2 investor visa, it’ll only initially provide you a temporary residency of two (2) years after which must be continually renewed so long as your business remains active.   

-Applicants must be a national of a treaty country with the United States

-No Direct Path to Permanent Residency
-Requires NO previous investment, education, skills, or experience

-Applicants can be from any country  

-US Permanent Residency included

comparing the EB3 Unskilled Visa and E2 Investor Visa

As you can see, there are extreme differences between the EB3 Unskilled visa and the E2 investor visa. The E2 investor visa is classified as a “non-immigrant visa”, therefore it has no direct pathway to permanent residency. It also requires a significant initial investment where at least roughly $100,000 USD is generally recommended. There is no limit to the number of visa extensions allowed, however, your E2 investor visa is dependent on the business you have invested in. The business must remain operational in addition to following all USCIS requirements. Lastly, the E2 investor visa is not available to applicants from non-treaty countries. For these reasons, the E2 investor visa could be problematic for most foreign nationals with hopes of residing in the US for the rest of their lives.

E2 visa to Green Card : The EB3 Unskilled Answer

Because of its non-immigrant status, many E2 investor visa holders hoping to go from E2 to Green Card may choose to transition to an EB3 visa, specifically the EB3 Unskilled visa subcategory. The EB3 Unskilled Visa requires no previous education, skills, or experience, making it an ideal option for many foreign nationals, including E2 investor visa holders wanting to obtain long-term permanent residency.

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