Foreign nationals trying to legally work in the US with an Employment Authorization Card should consider EB3 Unskilled

Foreign nationals must first get an Employment Authorization Card in order to legally perform labor here in the US. Unauthorized work has severe consequences and will cause major problems for your immigration status. This document must accompany an immigrant visa petition. You cant apply can’t apply for one on its own. This makes the EB3 Unskilled Visa an attractive option for foreign nationals hoping to live and work in the US.

Unauthorized Work

According to USCIS, Unauthorized Work is considered any labor or service performed for an employer within the U.S. by a foreign national who is not authorized to accept employment. Working without US government authorization will because serious problems for your immigration status. In addition, you could find yourself facing significant criminal charges and jail time. The EB-3 Program is valuable for this reason, as it provides that USCIS requirements are met to avoid this issue.

Applying for your employment authorization card           

You need to complete several EB3 Process steps before applying for your Employment Authorization Card. Once completed, you can apply for Adjustment of Status (AOS). Additionally, your visa priority date must be current. Accompanying your AOS will be USCIS Form I-765 which is your Employment Authorization Card. Dynaxe expert immigration attorney partners can help you with your filing.

Improving Processing Times

As a result of severe processing backlog, starting February 2022 USCIS has confirmed it will be expediting processing times for Employment Authorization Cards. Furthermore, USCIS intends to begin implementing premium processing availability for them starting in fiscal year 2022. For an additional fee, EB3 Unskilled applicants will be able to expedite these adjudications and get to working for their employer sponsors sooner. You should work with your employer sponsor prior to your green card interview. Experts encourage this because it further proves your intent to fulfill EB3 visa requirements to USCIS.

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