An international student looking to transition from their f1 visa to green card after graduation should consider the EB3 Unskilled Visa.

Transitioning from an F1 Visa to Green Card status is a serious challenge facing many young foreign nationals after graduation. If you are an F1 visa student studying in the US, you will likely maintain your visa throughout your education. However, once you graduate, you’ll only have a limited time to remain in the US before your visa expires. Like many other visa holders, as an F1 visa student, you may have very few options to maintain residency. This is why you should consider the EB3 Unskilled Visa when transitioning from your F1 visa to green card.

EB3 Unskilled- The Permanent US Solution for an F1 Visa Student

After graduating, your education level and lack of experience can limit your visa options, therefore EB3 Unskilled is an optimal choice. While the EB3 Visa requirements for its other subcategories are demanding, the EB3 Unskilled visa is much more attainable. The EB3 Unskilled Visa offers permanent residency and yet requires no minimum education or experience. Recently graduated F1 visa students make for ideal candidates for one of the 10,000 visas USCIS offers each year.

Because of processing timelines and backlogs, you will need to consider EB3 Unskilled years before graduating. If you haven’t planned ahead, you might want to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT provides an F1 visa student a 12-24 month visa extension, creating time to apply for an EB3 Unskilled Visa.


In conclusion, the EB3 Unskilled Visa offers a great opportunity for F1 visa students seeking permanent residency. With limited time and options, international students can rely on the undervalued EB3 Unskilled Visa program.

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